Is Montenegro a safe country?¨

Montenegro is generally considered to be a safe country to visit also for solo female travellers. The only problems you may encounter in tourist areas are pickpockets and (kid) beggars. It’s best not to give beggars money, as most are part of organised crime groups. Montenegro is a member of the NATO, which brought a confirmation of a safe destination indeed.

Do I need a visa for Montenegro or the other travelled countries?

Visitors from all European Union, UK & Scandinavian countries do not need a visa. Nor do citizens from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. If you are not sure you should check with your local consulate. Your passport needs to be valid at least 3 month after departure.

EU citizens are allowed to enter with their ID-card.

You can also check the portal of the Government of Montenegro for further information regarding visa regimes for foreign citizens.

Which vaccinations are required in Montenegro?

No vaccinations are currently required for entry. Please note, however, that from today’s perspective we cannot yet say whether you will need to have a Covid-19 vaccination or other vaccinations at the start of your trip. Depending on the health situation, the rights to the vaccination status can change.

For information on standard vaccinations, please refer to the personal vaccination schedule or vaccination calendar.

Which currency is used in Montenegro?

The currency in Montenegro is the Euro. No other currency is accepted. Payment at most shops, supermarkets and restaurants can also be made by card, just smaller markets, green markets and at local households (tastings, tours) and such won’t offer card payment options. You find banks and ATMs in all major towns.


Which language is spoken in Montenegro?

The language spoken in Montenegro is Montenegrin. You’ll hear it also referred to as Serbo-Croatian Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian, but they’re basically the same language with a few regional differences in words and slightly in spelling.

Most people you’ll come into contact with will speak at least some English. People who regularly work with guests, such as restaurant staff and tour guides, usually speak English as well as other languages such as Russian and Italian. L

How do I get to Montenegro?

Montenegro’s capital Podgorica and Tivat in the Bay of Kotor have international airports and are well connected with many direct flights to most European countries. You can also consider to arrive at Dubrovnik airport since it is only a 20 min drive from the Montenegrin boarder. Although we do not book air tickets we can advise you to find the fastest and best way to get to Montenegro.

Check out Airport Podgorica website for further information regarding flights. 

Check out Airport Tivat website for further information regarding flights.

What is the best time to visit Montenegro?

Montenegro has a temperate, Mediterranean climate. From April it really starts to heat up toward the end of June. This are the months when clear skies, rich greens and flowers and balmy temperatures provide a nice ambient to travel. Summer brings sunshine and maximum temperatures of between 25-40 degrees Celsius. Summer days are long with sunrise before 6:00am and sunset after 8:30pm at the height of summer and ideal for families to enjoy an activity and time at the beach. From September throughout the end of October you experience golden autumn another perfect time for active travels throughout Montenegro, only days are getting short in October. Especially in the northern mountains autumn is colourful. At the coast and in southern parts you can still enjoy a swim in the Adriatic sea until October.


Is Vegetarian food available in Montenegro?

No problem although Montenegrins are totally into meat. It could get a bit one-sided in the northern parts of Montenegro, since most of the time locally grown fruits and vegetables are served. When we know in advance we will inform our partners to prepare special vegetarian dishes. The coastal and central parts do offer an abundance different vegetarian dishes, last but not least many different kinds of cheeses. Either vegetarian or not, enjoy the abundance of fresh, local and naturally grown crops.

What does it cost to eat and drink in Montenegro?

Ah that all important question – how much is going to cost you to try all the diverse delights from Montenegro. The good news is – not that much, if you choose not a fancy restaurant at a super touristic spot.

A typical main of seafood is going to be in the region of €10 – €15. If you choose a first class fish (eg Sea brass), it is charged per kilo, so it can add up if you choose a big fish. It pays to ask your waiter in advance what the total will be.

You’ll find pizza and pasta options just about everywhere you go and these are really reasonable at around €5 – €10 each. Desserts typically cost around €2.50.

Wine is marked up quite a lot in restaurants – a bottle of “Plantaze Pro Corde” will be around €5 in the supermarkets and around €16 – € 20 in a restaurant. 

Beer is only around € 1,5- 2 a small glass, non-alcoholic beverages € 2 – 2.5

If you go out for a coffee you can expect to pay between €1 and €2 depending on the sport where you drink it and a loaf of bread at the bakery is around €0.80 – € 1-00

We highly recommend to visit a local farmers market in Kotor, Bar, Ulcinj or Podgorica, you’ll find seasonal produce, such as tomatoes, very cheap when they’re in season. And the quality of fresh, local produce at these markets is amazing.


Which prepaid SIM card is best in Montenegro?

Most important:

Be aware that Montenegro is neither part of the EU, nor of the EEA, where since 2017 new international roaming rules have been enforced. So roaming rates on European SIM cards are not capped or regulated in the country and are significant higher. Better buy a local SIM card instead.

Buying a SIM from any operators below is as easy. They can be purchased in gift shops, newsagents, grocery stores or from the operator’s office. The latter is the less convenient, because there will be queues.

1) Telenor: 4G SIM – 9.99 eur (VAT included). Within Telenor Prepaid Internet package, you get 4G prepaid internet card with 50 GB of free traffic, which you can use during 15 days as of card activation (not counting the activation day).

2) Telekom Montenegro: Choose Telekom Tourist prepaid package with 500 GB valid for 15 days (10 €), or the one with 30 days validity (15 €). Once your prepaid number is registered, you can immediately start using the gigabytes; no activation needed.

3 )M-Tel: For the tourist season 2021, m:tel offers two tourist SIM cards called Turist:

  • m:tel Turist 5: 500 GB for 7 days plus 1 € credit – 5 €
  • m:tel Turist 10: 1000 GB for 30 days plus 1 € credit – 10 €

Also consider there is Free Wi-Fi in numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels and even villas. You can always ask the waiter or the receptionist for the code (“sifre”)

Tour related FAQ

How difficult are the cycling/hiking routes in Montenegro?

Our proposed tours can be tailored to fit all fitness levels.

The selected routes are planned to follow trails, small roads with little traffic and to offer a good deal of sightseeing. You do not need to be a highly experienced cyclist/hiker. Feel free to contact us for in depth details like elevation profiles. If you should not feel confident also consider to rent an e-bike which will make any of these tours a real pleasure. In case you booked a group-tour, the tour leader is always there to help and motivate and you can count on a support vehicle.

What to bring with me on a cycling, hiking or activity tour in Montenegro?

It is important to bring different layers of your clothing for different climates. Routes may go through cool high mountains on one day and Mediterranean climate on the next. Rain in the mountains can occur unexpectedly, so you should bring a rain protection.

If you are on a cycling tour a helmet is a must. We provide helmets on request. These are disinfected, but considering your outmost safety please bring your own since they are often very light to pack, and bringing your own is more hygienic and likely to be a better fit.

This also applies for water bottles. Please bring your own or you can purchase with us a bottle for €10.

If you should have special medical prescription please bring it with you.

What happens if there is an accident in Montenegro?

We have an extensive network of partners along the way which can come for aid as fast as possible. Each bigger settlement does have a first aid rescue service.

If you should be on a guided tour all our guides are competent first aid responders to the unfortunate event of an accident we a and will do everything to sort out the situation in the most professional manner.

Do I need a travel insurance when travelling with 3etravel Montenegro?

We do not provide health insurance. Please get one before you travel to Montenegro. We strongly advise you arrange adequate travel insurance to cover you for any eventuality during your trip, for example medical expenses or loss of personal items. You should take out a travel insurance policy to cover you on any trip you take. Make sure your insurance provider covers you for any activities you will be taking part in on your trip. .

How is the luggage transfer organized?

All of our trips come with luggage transfer included. You will drop overnight bags each morning at the reception of your hotel or B&B. This leaves you free to walk unencumbered, with only your day pack of essentials.

Your luggage will be transferred to your next night’s accommodation, and will usually arrive before you do! 5 working days).

What is the cancellation policy of 3etravel?

Please refer to our terms & conditions for full information.

How does the booking process work?

  • After we agreed on the itinerary and services we require a 20% deposit to start booking all the individual elements of your trip, which is payable online WSPAY (we provide you a link of our payment or via classic bank transfer or transferwise (, charges are with them are less than with banks, and it works very reliable.) The full balance is due 6 weeks prior to departure, so if you book less than 6 weeks in advance your deposit will be the full tour cost. Also refer to you our payment methods.
  • Every trip is tailor made just for you, so we confirm availability individually and book all your accommodation and options, then send you final confirmation as soon as everything is confirmed by our partners (usually up to ma. 2 5 working days). We advise you not to book flights or travel until you get your final confirmation email. Most of the time, there will be no problem though!

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