Montenegro’s Northern Majesty: Hiking the Peaks and Trails of Durmitor, Biogradska Gora, and Prokletije

From 815€ per person

Best for Who: Individuals or groups

Travel Style: Self-guided or Guided on request

Duration: 7 nights/8 days

Booking Dates: From June to October


Take part in an extraordinary journey through Montenegro’s Northern Majesty, exploring the most breathtaking walking trails in the national parks Durmitor, Biogradska Gora, and the eastern frontier of Prokletije. These protected areas boast some of the most enchanting mountains and hiking havens in the entire country.

Immerse yourself in an authentic adventure, a symphony of living traditions, scenic wonders, and heartfelt hospitality found nowhere else. Picture yourself amidst imposing mountain peaks, traversing beautiful panoramic trails, and discovering dazzling mountain lakes on wide plateaus.

Venture into dense forests and rugged landscapes for an unforgettable trekking odyssey in North Montenegro. Join us in exploring the untamed beauty of this region, where every step is an invitation to experience the true essence of Montenegro’s natural wonders. Your adventure begins here – secure your spot and let the Northern Majesty captivate your soul.


  • Explore the most enchanting walking trails in Montenegro’s north 
  • Experience living traditions, scenic wonders, and heartfelt hospitality unique to the region.
  • Marvel the beautiful panoramic trails with breathtaking views.
  • Discover mountain lakes 
  • Experience the dense forests and navigate rugged rock landscapes of Montenegro.


  • Accommodation in a double/twin room
  • Daily breakfast
  • Luggage transfers
  • Orientation meeting (self-guided)
  • GPX-Tracks for walks
  • Maps and roadbook
  • Local mobile phone, service line 24/7
  • Transfers according to the itinerary.


  •   Single room supplement
  •   Solo traveller supplement
  •   Entrance fee for National parks
  •   Entrance fee to sights
  •   Tasting, boat rides
  •   Arrival/departure transfers
  • Lunch and dinner


Day 1: From the Airport to the Hights of Durmitor

Begin your adventure as you meet your driver and journey through Niksic, Montenegro’s second-largest town. Take a captivating detour of approximately 2.5 hours to visit the renowned Ostrog Monastery, perched dramatically on a cliff. Continue your drive to the Crown of Montenegro – the majestic National Park Durmitor.

Day 2: Scenic Traverse: Komarnica Canyon Exploration and Durmitor Saddle Panorama

Explore Poscenje, a charming village nestled at the foot of Komarnica Canyon. Your journey begins with a gentle walk along a gravel road as the canyon stretches wide. At the last house, embark on a beautiful trail leading to upper Komarnica Canyon. Follow the course of the small river (which may be dry in August) through the specially protected mountain forest of Komarnica Greda, surrounded by impressive, bizarre cliffs defining the valley’s boundary. After the forest, trace the river bed until the trail gradually ascends. Conclude your walk at the iconic Durmitor Saddle, one of the National Park’s most breathtaking mountain panoramas. Meet your driver at the cosy bar just below the saddle and enjoy an overnight stay in Durmitor National Park.

In the afternoon, we traverse the dramatic landscapes of the Rugova Gorge, engaging in a picturesque trek and relishing local hospitality around the village of Reka e Allages—the entrance to the Peaks of the Balkans trail. This remote village is home to shepherds, who return in the summer to tend to their herds. 

The approximate duration of our walk is 2 hours, involving a 250 m ascent and 570 m descent. The total distance covered is 5 km, with the highest point reaching 1300 m. 

Day 3: Summit Quest - Crvena Greda's Spectacular Views

Experience an exciting journey out of Zabljak after breakfast, delving into a breathtaking walk leading to the summit of Crvena Greda. Renowned as one of the best viewpoints in Durmitor, this walk promises a day filled with variety and stunning panoramic views. Ascend through lush pastures adorned with wildflowers and pine trees, all against the backdrop of Durmitor’s towering peaks. As you reach the high point, a beautifully arranged cirque unfolds, inviting you to navigate its surroundings and admire the serene lake below. This is a day of unparalleled natural beauty and exploration.

The final ascent to the summit of Hajla is optional, and afterwards, we will descend towards Drelaj to unwind in the comforts of a local guesthouse. 

The approximate duration of the walk is 6 hours, involving a 650 m ascent and 600 m descent. The total distance covered is 16 km, with the highest point reaching 2403 m. 

Day 4: Peaks and Stones - Durmitor Saddle to Bobotov Kuk Ridge Adventure

Jump on a thrilling day after breakfast with a transfer to Durmitor Saddle at 1900 m. Follow a single trail leading you to captivating stone formations, some at your feet and others in the distance. Take a moment to pause at a mountain eye — a charming glacier lake — before tackling the steepest segment of the trail. A short, hands-on section (not exposed, just winding through rocks) brings you to the ridge below Bobotov Kuk, offering a compelling view. As the evening unfolds, experience a transfer to the enchanting Biogradska Gora National Park.

Ascending beyond the treeline, we enter a dramatic valley and traverse the majestic Jelenak Pass at 2250 m. Crossing into Montenegro at the Ravno Pass on the ridgeline, we descend to the charming village of Babino Polje. Here, our vehicles await to transfer us (an hour and a half drive) to Grebaje Valley, a quaint village on the edge of the Prokletije Mountains, boasting a population of approximately 1700 and adorned with mosques and churches. 

The approximate duration of our walk is 6 hours, featuring an 1150 m ascent and 1000 m descent, covering a total distance of 14 km. 

Day 5: Lake Dreams - Biogradska Gora's Alpine Splendor

Prepare for a day of exploration amidst the mountain lakes of Biogradska Gora National Park. Begin by ascending through the virgin forest, reaching a breathtaking viewpoint above the pristine lake. Traverse meadows while revelling in the panoramic scenery that spreads before you. 

 For the more adventurous, an option to climb the highest peaks of Bjelasica awaits, adding an extra layer of thrill to your day. As you descend to a beautiful valley, the day concludes with an overnight stay at a charming farmhouse, immersing you in the tranquillity of this natural haven.

Day 6: Prokletije Panoramas - Volusnica and Talijanka Exploration

Commence the day with a scenic transfer after breakfast to the captivating Lake Plav and Prokletije National Park. This protected sanctuary, the youngest national park in Montenegro, stands as the most dramatic hiking destination in the country. Vertical peaks pierce the sky, and wild chamois gracefully traverse jagged cliffs. 

Encompassing a number of the Prokletije peaks, the park forms the natural border between Montenegro and Albania.

Dip yourself in this area as you embark on a moderate hike to Volusnica, offering the most incredible view of the Karanfili peaks — the most Instagrammable massif in the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije). The journey continues along the ridge to Talijanka (2057 m), a peak that straddles the borders of Montenegro and Albania. Prepare to be mesmerised by the breathtaking panoramas. 

Please note: Talijanka is often referred to as Popadija. A perfect early afternoon hike, as the sunlight plugs the view of the Karanfili peaks.

Day 7: Karanfili Challenge - Krosnja and Suplja vrata Exploration

Launch a challenging adventure as you ascend to Krosnja, a glacial cirque nestled high in the Karanfili peaks. The journey promises impressive views of Grebaje Valley as you traverse mountain slopes surrounded by majestic highlands. The trail leads you to a natural arch, named Suplja vrata or Kissing Cats. Climbing through the arch, traversing another slope and descending into a gully, you’ll be treated to epic views.

Please note that this hike is demanding and is best suited for experienced hikers. While half the trail is well-marked, the second half lacks markings entirely. If you feel more confident with a guide, we can organise one for you, or explore a different, easier tour.

Day 8: Farewell and Flexibility

On this final day, depending on your departure schedule, you’ll be shuttled either the same day to your departure airport or close to it. Alternatively, we highly recommend extending your stay along the captivating coast of Montenegro to savour more of its beauty.

Please note that the transfer to your departure airport or the location of your extension is not included, as we aim to keep it flexible and tailored to your individual plans. Safe travels and until we meet again in Montenegro!


This tour is entirely customisable! 

We understand that everyone has unique preferences and requirements. From your choice of accommodations to the difficulty and pace you desire, we are here to tailor the itinerary to match your needs perfectly. Don’t hesitate to reach out and drop us a message. Your adventure, your way!

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