Explore the Balkans by Road: Cycling Odyssey through Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Croatia

From 950€ per person

Best for Who: Individuals, couples or small families/groups

Travel Style: Self-guided or Guided on request

Duration: 7 nights/8 days

Booking Dates: From May to November


Ride on a thrilling cycling adventure across the Balkans, delving into the heart of Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Croatia in just one thrilling journey. Traverse diverse landscapes, from rugged mountains to picturesque coastlines, as you uncover the shared cultural identity of these enchanting Balkan countries. 

Experience warm hospitality at every turn as you pedal through charming villages and historic towns, learning about the rich traditions and vibrant culture of the Balkans. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, each stop along the way offers a unique glimpse into the region’s past and promising future.

Indulge in the culinary delights of the Balkans, savouring delicious local dishes and drinks that reflect the diverse flavours of the region.

Join us on this unforgettable journey through the Balkans, where every pedal stroke brings you closer to the heart and soul of this captivating corner of Europe. Experience the beauty, hospitality, and community of the Balkans as you cycle your way through Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Croatia on this epic road cycling expedition.


  • Explore the breathtaking landscapes of UNESCO’s Sites -Durmitor National Park and the Tara Canyon
  • Discover the largest lake in the Balkans, Lake Skadar
  • Experience the historic ‘ladder of Kotor’, a scenic route offering panoramic views of the UNESCO-listed Bay of Kotor.
  • Explore the cultural richness of Shkoder town in Albania and check out the fascinating Marubi photo collection, UNESCO-protected 
  • Circle around the ancient towns of Ston and Dubrovnik in Croatia
  • Cycle along the historic Ciro railway line in Bosnia & Herzegovina


  • Accommodation in a double/twin room
  • Daily breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Orientation meeting (for self-guided)
  • GPX-Tracks
  • Maps and roadbook
  • Local mobile phone, service line 24/7
  • Transfers according to the itinerary


  • Single room supplement
  • Solo traveller supplement
  • Bike rental
  • Airport arrival/departure transfer
  • Riding gear
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Drinks
  • Entrance fees to National Parks and sights


Day 1: Arrival and Orientation

Upon your arrival at Dubrovnik/Podgorica/Tivat airport, there’s an optional transfer to Zabljak, a picturesque town surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and serene lakes. Take advantage of the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature by leisurely walking to the tranquil Black Lake, where the evening ambience is serene and inviting.

 Later, gather for an orientation meeting and bicycle adjustment session, where you’ll receive a warm welcome and essential information to ensure a seamless start to your cycling adventure through the Balkans.

Day 2: Panoramic Ride through Durmitor National Park and Tara Canyon

Begin your exciting cycling journey with a captivating panorama tour, surrounded by the majestic peaks of Durmitor National Park. Revel in the awe-inspiring vistas of the rugged mountainscape before descending towards the renowned Tara Bridge, an iconic landmark spanning Europe’s deepest canyon, the Tara Canyon.

 As you pedal along the winding road, immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery, with the emerald, green waters of the Tara River. Your route leads to Mojkovac, where you’ll be shuttled 20 km to Kolasin, strategically bridging your path along the main road for seamless onward travel.

Day 3: Journey towards the Accursed Mountains

Jump on your cycling odyssey from Kolasin, commencing your ride alongside the enchanting Tara River. Pedal through picturesque landscapes as you gradually ascend towards the majestic Komovi Mountains, conquering challenging terrain en route to a breathtaking mountain pass.

 Press forward towards the charming town of Plav, nestled along the shores of the serene Lake Plav. Here lies the gateway to the renowned Prokletije National Park (Accursed Mountains), famous for its rugged beauty and untamed wilderness, inviting exploration and adventure.

Day 4: Experience Albania

Start a thrilling cycling expedition that transports you to the tranquil mountain villages of Albania, unveiling hidden gems along the way. Traverse scenic landscapes as you journey towards the renowned ‘Balcony of Enver Hoxha’, a captivating vantage point offering panoramic vistas of the Albanian countryside.

Pedal along a recently reconstructed road, seamlessly linking this picturesque mountainous region of Albania to the vibrant city of Shkodra.

Day 5: Majestic Panoramas Along Lake Skadar's Shoreline

Start a scenic journey back to Montenegro as you traverse the picturesque southern shoreline of Lake Skadar. Delve into the heart of a remote and distinctive region, where villages, ancient chestnut groves, and monastery islands await your exploration.  

Conclude your cycling adventure in Rijeka Crnojevica, a charming former town nestled along the shores of Lake Skadar. Following a brief shuttle ride (20 minutes), stop for the night in Cetinje, the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro, where history and culture intertwine seamlessly.

Day 6: Descending the Majestic 'Ladder of Kotor' to the Bay

Venture on an exhilarating journey from Cetinje, ascending the historic road that winds through Lovcen National Park, offering breathtaking views overlooking the Bay of Kotor. Navigate the renowned 25 serpentines that unveil panoramic vistas of the picturesque bay below.

As you reach the city of Tivat, continue your scenic route along the tranquil shoreline, immersing yourself in the coastal beauty en route to Kotor. Prepare to be captivated by the charm and allure of this historic town nestled along the Bay’s edge, where ancient fortifications and winding streets await your exploration.

Day 7: Crossing Borders: Bay of Kotor to Bosnia & Herzegovina

Embark on a scenic morning ride, tracing the highlights of the illustrious Bay of Kotor, passing by the charming islands of Perast and the historic town of Risan. 

Ascend along an ancient military road, traversing the rugged terrain of the karst mountains as you cross the border into Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Descend into the picturesque town of Trebinje, nestled in the heart of Herzegovina, where rich history meshes with the lush landscapes and outstanding local wines. Explore the captivating streets lined with historic architecture and immerse yourself in the cultural identity of this enchanting destination.

Day 8: Cycling Across Borders: From Bosnia & Herzegovina to Ston, Croatia

Launch a memorable journey along the historic ‘Ciro’ railway track, once a lifeline of Yugoslavia, as you pedal towards the Croatian border. Traverse the border into Croatia, where the charming town of Ston awaits.

Conclude your cycling odyssey in Ston, known for its ancient walls and delectable oysters harvested from the nearby bay. Indulge in a feast of fresh seafood paired with locally produced wines, celebrating the culmination of your adventurous ride. Conclude the day with a scenic shuttle (45 minutes) to Dubrovnik, where further exploration or relaxation awaits.

Day 9: Farewell & Departure

Bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes and cultural riches of the Balkans as you embark on your journey homeward. Enjoy a convenient transfer to Dubrovnik Airport for your departure flight, or opt-in to extend your stay and explore more of this captivating region.


This tour is entirely customisable! 

We understand that everyone has unique preferences and requirements. From your choice of accommodations to the difficulty and pace you desire, we are here to tailor the itinerary to match your needs perfectly. Don’t hesitate to reach out and drop us a message. Your adventure, your way!

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