Available sizes:

Men M, L, XL Women S, M


Full day:

€ 25.00


€ 120.00

On request, we can install a rear rack and provide a pair of 20 litre watertight panniers for an additional €3 per day.


Helmets, repair kits, pumps, first aid kit, and child seats up to 22kg can all be borrowed free of charge for the duration of the rental period.


Special offers for groups of four or more.

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Explore the mountains and coast of Montenegro on this super reliable touring bike. The 27-gear Trek FX3 will take you everywhere on asphalt. The FX3 is a workhorse hybrid bike that offers the speed of a road bike, the versatility of a city bike, and the comfort of a fitness bike. A lightweight Alpha Gold Aluminium frame, a carbon fork, and a performance drivetrain make it a speedy and versatile choice.

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