Responsible Travel

We believe passionately in responsible and sustainable tourism, and plan all of our tours in close cooperation with local people and partners. This way, everyone benefits. Villagers living in remote and mountainous regions can earn a livelihood from tourism, which encourages them to continue living there. This income helps to keep these rural communities alive, and ensures that the well-maintained mountain huts they rent out, on farmed alpine meadows, will continue to be available for visitors in the future.

We prefer to use small, privately run accommodation, as this keeps money within the local community. We also support local and traditional restaurants. In this simple but effective way, sustainable tourism helps to keep local traditions and cultures alive. Our tours are positive proof that we can support local partners and enterprises without sacrificing comfort and quality for our visiting guests

3e Travel is committed to the principles of responsible tourism from it’s very beginnings in 2008.

For us this means

  • Fair payment of our guides and partners
  • Avoiding ‘empty mileage’ and jeep transfers
  • Using local family operated hotels
  • Sourcing locally produced food
  • Making use of public transport
  • Providing training and further education for our guides
  • Supporting Start-ups in tourism and agriculture
  • Ongoing training and evaluation of our management processes
  • Undergoing sustainability audits – “Green Travel Seal” approved by GSTC

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